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Brass Lessons

Whether your child is just starting out on a  brass instrument, your teenager is preparing for music exams,  or you would like to further your technical proficiency, I can help build endurance, range, sound, and articulation. Every lesson is tailored to fit with the students desired outcome and reachable goals are encouraged.

Composition and Arranging

I have written (and can teach) for a  variety of different musical ensembles. From a small Jazz ensemble / a Brass quintet / a String quartet, to a Jazz band /a brass band/ an Symphony orchestra.  If you musical ideas or dreams and want to see them on paper or hear them in real life, call me to arrange  a lesson plan that suits your needs / budget /availability.

Jazz and Classical

Equally popular for jazz and classical, Trumpet is heard in all styles including pop music, jazz music, orchestra and band music, and even country music. Students can also to learn to play Flugelhorn, Piccolo Trumpet, Cornet, and all the traditional brass band instruments. I can also help to prepare you for University or Orchestral Trumpet auditions.

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Cruise Ship Entertainer


Teaching the various different disciplines of music simultaneously, enables me to deliver lessons that cover a broad spectrum of the students needs.


Having been a performer for more than 30 years and still performing today, I am able to draw on my experience in many genres and musical demands as a solo entertainer or session musician. A good performer knows whether he needs to support the others around him, or step forward and take the lead when necessary.


In many cases you may never know who the composer is, but if you  listen carefully you will hear trademark phrases or nuances in the music. i teach composition and arranging to all levels, and the lessons are directly related to the student’s musical ensemble.

Writer and Arranger

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Brass Lessons



Improvisation, reading, theory, orchestration – all essential elements of the jazz performer who wants to participate successfully and contribute productively to the Jazz ensemble/Big-Band.


Playing a brass instrument is a physical activity that takes fitness and self-discipline. The better your preparation, the more endurance and less effort required to achieve the results you desire.


Why did you start to learn a brass instrument? To play with friends, join a social music network, follow in the footsteps of a relative, find an outlet for your musicality? We all play to interact with other musicians whether we are playing in a rock band, a jazz band, a brass band, or an orchestra.


Regardless of your chosen musical genre, you’ll want to most control that you can have over your instrument. Scales, arpeggios, lip-flexibility, intonation, endurance all help to allow you the most enjoyable and satisfying performance.


Theory  separates the musician from a person reading a series of notes on a page, to an artist understanding a composers ideas and delivering their own interpretation to the audience.  A sound knowledge of theory (applicable to the level of playing you aspire to) will enhance your performance and allow you ability to reproduce the results you enjoyed.


One of the most difficult barriers to overcome while learning trumpet is knowing exactly what (and when and how much) to practice. Organised, goal oriented lessons give you a target and the means to reach it. Homework maximises your potential by learning the best ways to use your (limited) time efficiently.

Hello Everyone,

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How do I teach?

Music lesson (theory or instrumental) begin with a brief conversation about what we (together) want to achieve the lesson. With private lessons we will have probably already set the stage the week before by giving homework, but sometimes lesson plans are discarded if you (the student) have a particular question or problem that has arisen since our last lesson.  


What will you learn?

Well  – this is largely up to you! I can give you resources, materials, guidelines, suggestions, and examples to take away and digest. All of my private students use recording devices (Ipads, Iphones, tablets, etc) to record their lessons. Together we will work out your goals and devise a plan to best reach them and have an enjoyable journey doing so.  


What is pedagogy in music?

Music pedagogy is the study of the methods and principles of music instruction. With a degree in music pedagogy, graduates can show students how to compose, perform and teach music.


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Whether you have a song  in your head that you want to right down or you’re composing a symphony, i can help you with arranging and composition lessons. I use SIBELIUS, FINALE, and BAND-IN-A -BOX to get the notes on paper then you can print them, email them,...

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